E-cigarette accessories,such as replaceable coils,vapor tools,USB charger,18650 Universal charger,eGo Zipper bag,E-liquid refiller bottle,Silicone Case,Mini Screwdriver,etc.

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  • Replacement Coils & Heads

    We provide Replacement Coil & Heads for RBA/RDA/RTA Vape Tank,stainless steel coil heads features durable,safe,easy to clean.

    These coil heads comes with different resistance,0.15ohm,0.5ohm,0.28ohm etc,get your coil heads for your tank on

  • Chargers

    Battery chargers for 18650/18350/26650 etc batteries

    2 slots charger,4 slots chargers,chargers with LCD

  • Bottles & Caps

    E-juice bottles with different capacity,30ml,50ml,10ml etc,

    good quality e-liquid bottles with nice price are available on

  • Coiling Tool & Others

    We supply various kinds of Coiling Tools/DIY Tools,like

    Heating Wire,Vape Tool Bag,Coil Jig,Heating coil,wrapping tool,ceramic tweezer etc.

    Enjoy DIY,enjoy vaping !

  • Drip Tips

    Drip Tips for Vape Tank

    Legendgadget offers a lot of Drip Tips,like
    Rotary Drip tips,Stainless Steel Drip Tips,
    Aluminium Drip tips,Glass Drip tips etc
    in a variety of styles and colors,
    that can meet all your vaping needs.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 264 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 264 items