E-cigarette Mods are a type of device which are used by the more experienced vapers. They offer great flavour and vapour production. There are two major variations of mods: Mechanical mods and VV/VW mods.

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  • VV VW APV Mods

    Variable voltage/wattage mods commonly features handy attributes like LCD screens that show the battery level,atomizer resistance,and the output voltage/wattage. These VV/VW devices allow the user to adjust the voltage and wattage.

  • Mechanical Mods

    A mechanical mod has no electronic switches, regulators or chips. It works purely on mechanical connections and is powered by standard voltage of the battery installed. The majority of Mech Mods are battery tubes and switches fabricated out of stainless steel,copper or brass.With a proper care and maintenance,can last years, potentially a lifetime. Paired with the right atomizer, Mech Mods can produce thick clouds of vapor.

  • Temperature Control Mods

    Temperature control mods also called TC mods,often have big watt power and adjustable wattage.

  • Squonk Mods

    A squonk mod is a vape mod with a built-in squeeze bottle used to feed e-liquid to an atomizer, usually a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA), up through the 510-connection. In essence, a squonk mod eliminates the need for dripping through the mouthpiece andtransforms” a bottle into a tank section for your atomizer. Press the bottle, wait for your wicks to saturate, and vape: you are squonking!

  • Stabilized Wood Mods

    Stabilized wood that is to be used for knife handlematerial is wood that has been impregnated with achemical stabilizing solution. This stabilized woodcan then be worked with normal wood working tools. Cutting, shaping and sanding will be similar to workingwith a dense hardwood.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 48 items