What is RBA / RDA / RTA / RDTA,and how to choose ?

Atomizer is an important part of electronic cigarette,a suitable atomizer will bring you good vape experience. But many new vapors may confused about what is RBA / RDA / RTA / RDTA,and how to choose a atomizer.In fact,if you know about the atomizer function then it will be more easily to choose a atomizer for yourself.
RBA: Rebuild-able Atomizer. It's a general name of all kinds of rebuildable device,the coil of RBA is made by the user with fever wire,cotton etc accessories,so you can call it "DIY" atomizer too.
RDA: Rebuild-able Dripping Atomizer. There is no tank built in the RDA to hold ejuice and feed the wick,you need to drip ejuice to the wick and coil manually when the ejuice run out.
RTA: Rebuild-able Tank Atomizer.The RTA has a tank which can hold ejuice,and comes with a deck to build on.It's convenient to use.
RDTA: Rebuild-able Dripping Tank Atomizer.RDTA=RDA + RTA,with a tank to hold ejuice,with a deck to build on.You don't need to drip ejuice manually,it will drip when you press down the drip tip.

Now you may know some about the RBA/RDA/RTA/RDTA,then how to choose ?
1.If you are very busy in your daily life,have no much spare time,you can choose RTA,it is converient to use.Otherwise,you can choose RBA to experience the joy of DIY.
2.If you are a new vapor,and like big vapor cloud,then RDA or RDTA ?
We suggest you can begin with the RDA first,it has a larger space for new user to DIY,and it is easy to clean.Then you can get a RDTA,not only can you get big cloud like RDA,but also can get good taste and you don't need to drip eliquid frequently.but the size of RDTA is larger than RDA,if you don't mind the size of RDTA,then that would be a good choice.

Hope this article can help many people get a suitable ecig atomizer,thanks for reading !