Summer Vape Tips

It is exciting summer and time to enjoy beach,water parks and vape in the meantime,it's time to experience the hot sun,pretty hot weather too.Legendgadget have some tips to help you vape better during the hot summer.

1.Don't leave your ecigs in the car or out in the sun,especially the ecig battery.
2.The E-juice will get thinner in the hot weather, so tighten all the screws to prevent leaking,and make your ecig more prone if possible.
3.Keep your e-liquid in a cool,dark place.But don't store it in the fridge,cold tempreture will affect your e-liquid flavors too.
4.If you want to travel outside with your ecigs by airplane,you'd better remove the batteries from your device,and store your batteries in a safety box when going through security and on the plane.
5.Keep your ecigs dry when enjoy your water time.
6.Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration.
Happy summer,happy vaping !