Compare-kayfun 5,Kayfun 4 and Kayfun mini V3

(Posted on Wednesday,Jun 15th,2016)

Some time ago,when we are discussing the Kayfun mini V3,SvoëMesto released a new Kayfun 5.Kayfun 5 and Kayfun mini V3 are very similar,the official also indicated that Kayfun 5 is a updated version base on the Kayfun mini V3. So what are the similarities and differences between kayfun 5 and Kayfun mini V3,and compared with Kayfun 4,what do they change ?

For the three products,their release order is kayfun 4 first,then kayfun mini V3,and last kayfun 5.Simply to say is:Kayfun mini V3 is a simplified version of kayfun 4,kayfun 5 is a updated version of kayfun mini V3.

                   Kayfun 5                                                         Kayfun 4                                                   Kayfun mini V3


Kayfun 4 VS Kayfun mini V3:
As we know,the Kayfun 4,has more than 40 components,the Kayfun mini V3 has about 11 components.KAYFUN mini V3 put some components together, such as put the tank lid and mouth piece together.For the internal structure,the kayfun mini V3 remove the spring on Kayfun 4 to increase stability.Of course,Kayfun mini V3 also adopt some basic structure of Kayfun 4,so it's very simple to use too,and don't worry oil leak.

Kayfun 5 VS Kayfun mini V3:
Kayfun 5 is almost like Kayfun mini V3 beside the the mouth piece part.The mouth piece of Kayfun 5 can be decomposed,but Kayfun mini V3 in one together.Other parts even the shape、the structure are exactly the same.Just the Kayfun 5 scale up the Kayfun mini V3.About the tank part,Kayfun5's tank structure is the same as Kayfun mini V3,removed the screw on the tank lid on the Kaufun 4,it increases the oil hole on the bottom.
there is difference too,every new product from SvoëMesto can bring surprise to our user.This time Kayfun 5 change the way of regulate airflow,you don't need to unscrew the bottom electrode to adjust the screw any more.Kayfun 5 change the sharp of intake port from round to long strip,and add 4 gas adjustment stalls.Kayfun 5 modify the air intake structure and regulation mode; modified electrode units, increasing the size of the tank 
and the electrode pads, so that is more convenient to make the coil.

Which to choose ?
Many people struggle with which to choose,Kayfun 5 or Kayfun mini V3 ?
I think if you already have a Kayfun mini V3,there is no need to get a kayfun 5,of course if you are a big fan of Kayfun series,then it is another matter.If you have none of them,you can get a Kayfun 5 directly.since kayfun 5 is a updated one,it's more simple,convenient than Kayfun mini V3.
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