Only beautiful or comes with strong power too ? Petri RTA Review and discussion.
(Posted on Thursday,Sept 29th,2016)

Some time ago,Dotmod released a new RTA- Petri RTA.Is it only beautiful or a combination of nice appearance and strong power ? Hope this simple review will give you a reference.

Like Petri RDA,the Petri RTA uses very simple package,open the black box,a gold Petri RTA will give you a visual impact,24k gold plated Petri RTA looks very high-end.

Besides the Petri RTA,in the package comes with a glass tank,drip tip,O-rings,Allen Key,spare screws and clapton coils.


Petri RTA featuring all gold plated color and process,2ml capacity,22mm in diameter,compact in size,top-fill design,that make it to be a beautiful work.

When breaking it into components,you'll find its structure is very simple,the highlight is its all-in one design,so it is easy to use and clean.

The Petri RTA has a unique postless build deck to allow for easy building and cleaning.

petri RTA can bring you a good taste and big cloud,if you like big cloud you can try 24G or 22G coil,it won't let you down.



- 1.Nice workmanship

- 2. Beautiful appearance

- 3. Practical
-Different experience with different coil
-Kanthal A1 24G:fit fruit flvor or heavy taste e-liquid 
-Kanthal A1 Clapton Flat coil:fit American e-liquid flvors

In the package,it contents 2 clapton coils,so they may suggest vapors to use this kind of coils on Petri RTA.

However,personally,i think the Petri RTA still has some Disadvantages:

- 1.the color is too high-profile,black or silver color maybe better for the people understated.

-'d better take spare eliquid if you go somewhere far away.

There is no doubt that the Petri RTA is a buautiful tank,taste and cloud is good too.

so,now how do you think about the Petri RTA ? Only beautiful or comes with strong power too, i think you already have an answer.

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Hope this simple review is helpful to you,and everyone has different experience,the content above is purely out of my personal view ,all comments or suggestions are welcome,thanks for reading !