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Welcome To Legendgadget   

Welcome to Legendgadget, the one stop online vape shop for over 6 years.Our focus is to provide the best customer service and the highest quality electronic cigarettes.

Smoking is harmful to health.For the past 6 years,we have been committed to against smoking, advocate the electronic cigarettes, to help people quit smoking,back to health.

Quality e-cigarettes, premium e-liquid and e-cig accessories are all available on legendgadget,and free shipping worldwide.shopping now on legendgadget,the one-stop online vape shop can meet all of your vaping needs.

Why turn to Electronic Cigarette and vaping ?

Electronic Cigarette is a kind of electronic device that vaporiz eliquid to produce vapor with appearance,sensation and flavour like regular smoking.But the vapor don’t contain harmful substances such as carbon monoxide etc.So not only people who vape will not be harmed,but also other people will not get the harmful second-hand smoke.So the Electronic Cigarette can be used indoors and public places.

People who turn to vaping can save much money.They don’t need to spend money on cigarettes everyday.What’s more,like legendgadget,all the ecigs and ecig accessories on legendgadget are recyclable and eco-friendly. Happy Vaping !


About your order

Dear customers,

Good day!Wish you have a pleasant mood today.

We have been making the vape business since 2010.It’s really a long time for us.Some may ask why you don’t get rich.I have to admit that we make little profits :) In fact,we believe everything we do is deserved.Just like this special year,when facing the coronavirus which has largely changed our life and many on-line stores are closed.Luckily,we are always here.Many of you should have been visiting our store for more than 2 years.I believe you can understand our situation and give us more time to deal with orders.

What makes us worried is that some airlines canceled flight due to the coronavirus.This year is not ordinary and we are very thankful to many customers’ trust and cooperation.Now the coronavirus has been controled efficiently,airlines are also trying to recover their flight as normal.All orders will be delivered gradually.If you are expected to get your parcel in a few days,I’m sorry that we can’t promise the exact delivery time.We can also refund you in order to not let you worry like the store got my money,but where is my order :)

Though we are also facing many difficulties,we have been making efforts to supply the products you need.As a supplier,we greatly appreciate your patience and give us more time to arrange orders and shipping.

At last,I’d like to show my sincere thanks to all of you again.


July 24th,2020